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United Way Workplace Campaigns are about caring companies in our region who help create opportunities for a better life for all in our community.


Workplace charitable goals

Because United Way’s focus is on health, education and financial stability—the building blocks for a good quality of life—it aligns with the charitable goals of so many companies. As an employer, you know that there are basic things that we all need for a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, income that can support a family through retirement, and good health.

So whether you are passionate about education—helping children and youth achieve their potential; income—promoting financial stability and independence; or health—improving people’s health, chances are that United Way can help you, your company and employees achieve their charitable goals

Workplace employee and corporate campaigns are essential to success

As an employer, you know that efficiency is key to success, which is why so many companies work with United Way of North Central Massachusetts. 

United Way would not be able to support over 35 programs and key initiatives without the generosity of over 150 local companies and their employees.

That is why at United Way, we make it easy to run a workplace campaign or make a corporate gift. We do all the work and accommodate you and your employees’ schedule.

Companies who run workplace campaigns tell us their employee value being able to give through United Way for several reasons:

  • Payroll giving allows employees to budget over an entire year what they want to give.
  • Because United Way’s Community Impact Fund supports over 35 programs, it allows the employee to reach a variety of critical initiatives with one gift.
  • The money stays local. Most of all employees want to know that their gift is going back to the local community, which it does.

United Way’s ability to leverage

Most of all, by working through United Way of North Central Massachusetts, local companies rely on United Way’s ability to recruit people and organizations from across the community who bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done. 

Matched contributions

Many companies match employee contributions, or even double an employee’s gift. With a match from an employer, contributions have an even greater impact on children, families, and communities throughout North Central Massachusetts.

For more information about workplace giving, matched contributions, or starting a United Way campaign at your place of business, contact Jody Athanasiou or by phone at 978-345-1577, ext. 306.


For campaign resources and ideas

If you need workplace campaign material (pledge cards, flyers, etc.), please contact Jody Athanasiou, 978-345-1577, ext. 306.