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Fitchburg High School

Since partnering with UWYV in 2007, the Fitchburg High School students have worked tirelessly to support the revitalization of their community through their Ventures, demonstrating their desire to be a part of the growth of the city they call home. Coming from a diverse background of experiences, students who choose to get involved with UWYV have a deep understanding of the issues that affect their community and generation and use this knowledge to create unique community Ventures.


Teams Launched to Date:


2007 – 2008


Riverfront Revival of the Arts - In an effort to bring back the arts to the city of Fitchburg, this venture team created the First Annual Riverfront Revival of the Arts to be held at Riverfront Park on June 30th.  The team will hold an annual outdoor community art exhibit featuring photography, paintings, sculpture, crafts, floral arrangements, local music, and food.  The Fitchburg High School Jazz Band will be among the musical talents.  Submissions for the exhibit extend to young people and adults within the community, and prizes will be given to each category winner.  The event will be one of Fitchburg’s Civic Days, and will be held during the weekend of the famous Fitchburg Longsjo Bike Race.


From Crocker to Crocker - This venture team is holding an after school track program for fourth graders at Crocker Elementary.  They will teach the students with basic track and field skills, and will give them a safe, positive, recreational environment in which to learn and be active.  At the end of the year, the team will host a track meet on May 30th for the youngsters, where they will be given trophies and awards.



2008 – 2009


S.T.A.G.E.S. - S.T.A.G.E.S. was created by a group of Fitchburg High students who want to share their love of theater with a middle school that has lost its theater program due to budget cuts. They will teach singing, dance, improvisation, directing, set design, and lighting in hopes of inspiring a younger generation who may not otherwise be exposed to the theater.


Life-Link - This team plans to pair high school students with senior citizens to provide the two generations the chance to share hobbies, interests and stories. The students will do service for assisted living and nursing facilities in hopes of providing local seniors in these facilities with some additional happiness. The venture hopes to have a constant supply of volunteers as this would also serve as a community service opportunity for community members.



2009 – 2010


Intergenerational Venture - In an attempt to keep kids off the streets after school, this venture targets students who might have to do community service and create bridges between the young Fitchburg population, and the elderly population.


Prom Dress Express - The goal of this venture is to collect and clean donated dresses so that girls who may not have the income to buy an expensive dress, can still go to and enjoy their prom.