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History, Vision, Mission

Vision: We will create healthy communities by energizing and inspiring people to make a difference.

Mission: As a core function of the United Way of North Central Massachusetts, the Volunteer Center mission is to educate, inform and inspire greater community involvement through new and innovative strategies.

United Way Volunteer Center was conceived during a United Way strategic planning session that identified building volunteerism as a critical community issue.

Coincidentally, the idea dovetailed with the work of the United Way’s 25th Anniversary Committee, which was established to celebrate the organization’s silver milestone. In addition to the standard celebratory events, the committee was charged with looking forward to the next 25 years.

The Volunteer Center works through local partnerships to identify improvements needed in the community and to mobilize a response call to action.  Our volunteer website provides a platform for the non-profits in need of resources and the people that want to play an active role in the solutions that will make the community a better place.

The United Way Volunteer Center makes a difference in our communities through the four key competencies:

  • Building Capacity for Effective Volunteering
  • Connecting Concerned People with Needs in the Community
  • Promoting Volunteerism
  • Participating in Strategic Initiatives