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Why It Is Important


United Way Youth Venture

Why is it important?

United Way Youth Venture is a unique program that teaches students how to develop a business plan, work on a team, identify and implement socially impactful programs in their communities and develop general leadership and communication skills.  
United Way Youth Venture allows us to develop our future leaders, teach the importance of social responsibility and create meaningful partnerships between our business and the community.
The program is perfectly aligned with our goals in youth development.


Participation and Activity Metrics
  • Since 2002 when UWYV began in north central Massachusetts, 238 Venture Teams have launched, with 139 remaining active
  • UWYV was able to provide this experience to Venturers at a cost of $1,743.95 per team (a 11% decrease from fY13) at the cost of $117.68 per student directly engaged in UWYV, a 25% reduction over fY13

Leadership Experience

  • 93% Think it’s important to listen to others’ ideas and suggestions when making a decision 69% Agreed that UWYV has helped them learn how to lead change in their community 66% have organized other students to take action on a community issue through UWYV 56% feel more prepared to speak and/or present in front of an audience
  • 66% of students now understand how to run and organize a meeting 73% Understand how to address problems in the community
  • 67% Now enjoy assuming leadership roles

Importance of Community Engagement

  • 91% Believe that the lessons learned through UWYV are relevant to making positive community change 90% Believe it is importand to learn about other cultures and beliefs that are not the same as their own 91% Believe that it is important to encourage others to participate in their community
  • 75% Through UWYV understand how decisions are made in their community
  • 87% Agreed that people their age can influence decisions and policies 82% feel that their Venture had a positive impact on the community 90% Agree that UWYV is an important opportunity for students
  • UWYV students engaged more than 374 adult volunteers, a 48% increase over fY13, and provided countless hours of community support to the north central region
  • In 2014, 29 Ventures were launched across all partnering schools/districts and organizations, with 49 Teams in the pipeline for fY15
  • Of all of the Youth Venture partnerships nationally, UWYV of North Central Massachusetts holds the largest contingent of engaged students and teams

How we work to achieve our goals