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Why It Is Important

United Way Supplemental Basic Needs Fund


2,831 individuals were assisted with food cards, fuel assistance or utility assistance as a result of this program. 

Working with 15 basic needs providers throughout our region, we were able to provide food cards, fuel assistance, and utility shutoff assistance to many who would have fallen through the cracks.  Additionally, we have been able to offer assistance to agencies to build their infrastructure – providing them with appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and even dollies to transport the food within their buildings. 

Why is it important?

The need in this region has grown significantly over the last several years, with the “new poor” being a large part of those being served.  Overall, two-thirds of our providers have shown an increase in the number of clients asking for assistance for food, fuel & utility assistance, or shelter – up to 32%.  Agencies have limited resources available beyond food pantry basics and fuel assistance.  To answer this deeper need, our United Way has been able to provide 2,831 individuals with assistance that would otherwise not been available.

Demographics of the clients being served continue to reflect the challenges of our region. 

Newly unemployed, unemployment benefits expiring, disabled, homeless, and the working poor define the broad categories identified by providers. 

What are we trying to accomplish?

This program allows providers to help those in immediate need, with funds no longer available through previous resources.

How we work to achieve our goals

United Way partners 16 agencies throughout the region who help to identify the unmet needs of their clients.  Working with our Leadership Team, funds are used to meet as many of these needs as possible.