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Why It Is Important




Almost 21,000 people from North Central Massachusetts have been directly helped by this program, saving over $1.2 million in prescription drug costs (as of Nov. 8, 2016).


Why is it important?


Saving people money on necessary prescriptions is vital to the health and well-being of our families and our community - not taking medicine you need because you can’t afford it begins a series of consequences that could start with disease progression and end with large medical bills or even bankruptcy.


What are we trying to accomplish?


United Way is focusing on creating opportunity for all by improving health, education and financial stability - our partnership with FamilyWize helps us advance that cause, and 1,000 United Ways across America are helping people be healthier and more productive.”


How we work to achieve our goals.


The United Way - FamilyWize partnership demonstrates how a grassroots initiative can help individuals and communities avoid such consequences.  We provide these free prescription discount cards to local social service agencies, faith-based organizations, schools, community centers, local government and healthcare providers so everyone can get the medicine they need.


Many local pharmacists and physicians also assist by providing cards or making their patients aware of how to get a card, either through United Way of North Central Massachusetts, the site or even via text by sending the word “family” to 700700 to receive a Rx discount card via text.


Savings are often as high as 75% off the price charged without the card, which can be used for any FDA approved medicine at most pharmacies. With average savings of about $20 per prescription, the FamilyWize card often means families can avoid an unpleasant choice between getting medicine or buying food.