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Why It Is Important


Why it is important

United Way's Volunteer Center, works through local partnerships to identify community needs and mobilize volunteers to respond to the needs.  Our volunteer website, community outreach and large community events provide individuals and groups with a diversity of ways to get involved in positive community change. The Volunteer Center website is the volunteer resource for volunteer opportunities in North Central Massachusetts.

What we are trying to accomplish

United Way Volunteer Center puts people at the heart of transforming their communities by calling on them to utilize their full range of assets—time, talent, and treasure through volunteering.  Volunteer efforts are the backbone of the community and strengthen the connections that create positive changes that benefit everyone. They help build the capacity of local non-profit agencies by enhancing and expanding the agency services to meet community needs.

How we work to achieve our goals 

We make a difference in our community by building the capacity for effective volunteering, connecting concerned people with needs in our community, promoting volunteerism and collaborating on regional, state and national volunteer initiatives.


Each year United Way Volunteer Center mobilizes over 3,000 volunteers that positively impact up to 150 nonprofit, community and faith based organizations and the clients they serve.  The volunteer service culminates in $500,000 in social contributions and provides a stronger, healthier and more prosperous region to live and work.