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Goodrich Academy


Teams Launched to Date:



2017 – 2018


Eco Friendly Redesign - This team is making Goodrich Academy more eco-friendly. They noticed their school could have less air and waste pollution, and have started making a positive change by installing water filters at the school. They also educate fellow students on how their decisions and actions affect the environment. This team hosts great fundraisers like an ice cream social, and a night of fun while raising awareness at Applebee’s.


Reptile Rage - This group of students turned a love for reptiles into a Venture Team whose mission is to educate the public about reptiles and the care they need. They are changing what they perceive as public opinion that reptiles are “slimy and small”. And they are sharing their vast knowledge of reptiles so that people in their community aren’t purchasing reptiles without knowing how to adequately care for them.