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Longsjo Middle School

Teams Launched to Date:


2017 – 2018


Hope Givers - Cancer is already an extremely difficult battle for families and the person suffering with the disease, but here comes the Hope Givers with exactly that….HOPE!   These students provide a distraction to these families, in the way of toys and games while they have extended stays at local hospitals.  They are engaging their school community by doing fundraisers to help raise money for gifts.


Big Donations for Tiny Lives - This group of students are making a big difference in the lives of tiny animals. They were inspired by the model of the UWYV program that just because they were young didn’t mean they couldn’t make a difference. They involve their school community in helping them raise funds to donate to animal shelters.


Animal Rescue League - Animal League to the Rescue! This team goes out into the community to learn the needs of shelters and help to rescue pets that have been left out in the cold. They implement service learning into their Venture by volunteering at local shelters. They also collect donated items to help offset the shelters’ spending costs.