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Overlook Middle School

As one of the newest partners to the United Way Youth Venture program, the Overlook Middle School students have already begun to show their dedication to their community through their Ventures. With the support of their school and community, students will begin to develop skills that will ensure their Venture success within the community and use this new knowledge and passion for service to create a bright future for the Ashburnham-Westminster region.


Teams Launched to Date:


2017 – 2018


Kid Connections - Kid Connections is a Venture Team with a compassionate mission to create resource baskets for canine graduates of the NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dog Services) training program. The baskets, filled with NEADS-approved toys, collars, and otherwise useful resources, are intended to help both dog and placement family acclimate to their new lives together.


Homeless Helpers - The three boys on the Homeless Helpers team have big hearts and felt drawn to helping homeless people in the city. They researched many different statistics on the homeless population in Boston that was eye-opening for them, as well as the people that listened to their presentation at their community panel. The Team is working with Pine Street Inn in Boston. They make bag lunches for Pine Street Inn to distribute to the folks they serve at the Inn.