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Volunteer Spotlight: Cheryl Becotte


For five years running, Cheryl Becotte has served as the Chair of the United Way’s Day of Caring Steering Committee, overseeing an initiative that sends out hundreds of volunteers to help local non-profits for one day every September.


Becotte says she is inspired by the event because of it makes such a noticeable and significant impact, enabling volunteers to “complete projects that might not otherwise get done due to lack of funding or resources.”


On a more personal level, Becotte also acts as a literacy mentor for kindergarten students through Partnering for Literacy, a program that supports the United Way’s Early Childhood Literacy initiative. Each week she helps two kindergarten students sharpen their literacy and social skills through reading and other creative activities, an experience she says is just as rewarding for her as it is for the students.


“The kids are so excited when I open the door to the classroom and they know they’re coming with me,” says Becotte. “I love that I can make an impact just by spending one hour a week with them.”