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Volunteer Spotlight: Mark Horeanopoulos


Mark Horeanopoulos began volunteering with the United Way when a friend invited him to attend a Combat Hunger food packaging event in 2013. He’s since been a fixture at the events, diligently helping assemble nutritious meals for local food pantries and shelters.


After he retired, Horeanopoulos took on more volunteer activities, including serving on the Day of Caring steering committee and participating in charity bike rides.


“I had a very busy life when I was working, so now that I have free time it’s nice to be able to contribute in multiple ways,” says Horeanopoulos.


Once of his recent ventures is volunteering with Partnering for Literacy, a program that supports the United Way’s Early Childhood Literacy initiative. Horeanopoulos says his role as a literacy mentor goes beyond teaching kindergarteners how to read and write.


“It’s really about being there for the students. Some of them have learning disabilities, while others have troubles at home and need positive role models,” says Horeanopoulos. “When I come in, I make them feel special and treat them with respect.”